ZP ARROW produce Pompe italiane: centrifughe, pneumatiche, a membrana, a pistone, industriali, per acidi, per prodotti chimici, per alimenti, per agricoltura
ZP ARROW: Certificazione di produzione italiana



Representatives or Dealers

We are looking for free areas in Italy and in the main industrialized COUNTRIES of the WORLD, REPRESENTATIVES or DEALERS with their own organization, with experience in the sale of pumps to industries.

Good introduction in the chemical, textile, food and pharmaceutical sectors and in any industrial sector that can use pumps for the transfer of viscous fluids.

Contact us today, filling out the form, specifying the brands of pumps you currently sell and the territory you are able to cover with your resources.

We guarantee protection on the territory, technical support, good commissions or margins on sales.

ZP Arrow: who we are

ZP Arrow srl, founded in 1975, is a family-owned and operated company, known in over 35 countries for the quality of its products.

For 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to the design and sale of special stainless-steel pumps for viscous fluids for exclusive industrial use.

The company and products are certified by internationally known organizations which ensure the QUALITY of the manufacturing procedures and the conformity of our products for use in the sectors we address.

We are known for the quality and reliability of our supplies and highly appreciated for our attention to customer needs.

Our deliveries are fast and after-sales assistance is one of our strengths.

The pumps for the chemical sector, with which we started many years ago, have now been completely renewed and to these we have added others designed for industries that produce, food, cosmetics and ointments, even for pharmaceutical use.

The success that the new range of pumps is having on the market drives us to a considerable expansion and to the search for new human resources.