Customer Feedback about Z.P. Arrow pumps and our other products and services

Customer Feedback


“I started working at this company fifteen years ago. I got to know ZP Arrow as a supplier of the pneumatic pumps we use for our leather processing. I appreciate and confirm that their products are sturdy and well-made, and I would purchase them even at a higher price than other options on the market. As proof, in our production, the ZP ARROW pneumatic pumps are the oldest machinery we have!”  

I am the Purchasing Department Manager for a leading leather processing company 

“I can only sing the praises of pumps by Z.P. Arrow in respect to those of their competitors, whose pumps we are replacing. In addition to simpler maintenance and more economical spare parts, their simple construction and separation of the motor from the piston are indispensable benefits for our work.” 
Purchasing Department Manager for a global leader in the production of rubber and similar items in the Trentino Alto Adige region  

“Here are the strong points and reasons why we chose ZP Arrow:
1. 100% Italian product made in Italy
2. competitive prices 
3. excellent versatility; with one motor it is possible to rapidly grip several floats, guaranteeing quick color or product changes, as well as performance when changing the type of float
4. low cost maintenance and economical, readily available spare parts”.
Purchasing Department Manager for a company that produces adhesive films for advertising purposes in the Lombardy region 

“I confirm that the pneumatic piston pump models M100/P89 and M160/P89 that we have used for many years are the only pumps that can handle our viscous resins.
So much so that we offer the pumps free of charge to our clients to use for their production lines.”
Manager of a branch of a company that produces interior drapes in the Lombardy region 

“I purchased your pumps because they were recommended by skilled technicians with proven experience in the coating sector that we relied on during the system installation phase as ideal pumps for this specific type of work. We also tried other pumps, but they were complicated, both in the constructive type of pump and the provision of spare parts, and the times necessary for supplying the pumps.”
Manager of a branch of a historic faux leather manufacturer in the Puglia region  

“We are happy with your pumps, which stand out for their sturdiness, and we are also just as happy with your rapid response time to our needs and availability of products and fast shipping.”
Purchasing Department Manager of a company that uses glue to weld fabric to rubber in the Veneto region  

“My father, the founder of the business in the early 1980s, met your company and inserted your pumps in the production line.
At a distance of several years I can confirm that we are very happy with this choice; they are the most suitable pumps for viscous fluids for handling the highly viscous products that we use.
I should also emphasize your speedy supply times and spare parts and pump inspection service, which in my opinion is the crown-jewel of your company.”
Owner of a historic company that welds fabrics for third parties in the Tuscany region  

“Our connection with Z.P. Arrow began in the mid-1970s, when my father, the founder of our company, began collaborating with Mr. Pulina.
This collaboration continues even today, with the daughters of Mr. Pulina who are running the business.
Z.P. Arrow is very skilled at taking care of their clients and all of their clients’ needs.
We are producers of systems, and we insert the pumps in our machines, so we are especially careful when choosing products. The long history with our systems is a guarantee of all the recommendations that are offered for each circumstance.
Over time, in addition to the  pneumatic piston pumps we also started purchasing the membrane pumps and the innovative fabric welding machine with hot welding, which we inserted into our systems, most of which are sold abroad.
With Z.P. ARROW, the client does not select from a catalog, but instead based on technical discussions and customized solutions.
The quick execution times and rapid response, availability of spare parts and pump inspection department are the strong points of the company.”
Owner of a company that builds systems for the textiles sector in the Veneto region   

“I got to know Z.P. ARROW in 2009 when one of my suppliers of polyurethane recommended them as a leader in the production of pumpsfor viscous chemical products.
never regretted it! The pump that I suspended above the vat has not come down since.
I have never had any issues. Today I am going to purchase a new one because I have expanded the production line.”
Owner of a company that produces plastic materials in the Veneto region 

“I have been working in a leading company that produces faux leather since 1993, and I have always seen your pumps in our systems. I ordered 2 new pneumatic piston pumps M160P89 and M100P89, not to replace those I purchased in 1988, which are still functioning well, but because I have a new system. You make them too well!” 

Purchasing Department Manager for a leading company that produces faux leather in the Lombardy region 

“I would like to compliment your products and the service and assistance you offer to clients, as well as the rapid response time for any doubts or problems. I will never go to another supplier!”
Owner of a company that produces paper and cardboard in the Veneto region