Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q. About ZP Arrow pneumatic pumps and membrane pumps

Pneumatic piston pumps do not require any special maintenance except for replacement of the gaskets of the pumping section, recommended based on the working hours of the piston pump according to the manual, and the silencer when it becomes clogged. 

The correct way to regulate the pump is to set 6 bar pressure in the compressed air line and then regulate the flow based on need, using the tap supplied with the piston pumps.

Provide the serial number if possible, then contact us today by filling out the form below.

We will be happy to provide you with the manual for your piston pump with codes for all spare parts, so you can place an order.

Each spare part, even if improved over time, can be perfectly replaced on pneumatic pumps that were even built over 40 years ago.

That’s not a problem. Z.P. Arrow has a department exclusively equipped to inspect any of our pneumatic pumps quickly and at a very competitive price point.

Because you can have variable flow and pressure by adjusting the air supply, and therefore the entire system is integrated with the pump, and you do not need additional expensive equipment, or equipment that is not suitable for humid environments or the presence of flammable solvents.

All of our pneumatic piston pumps and membrane pumps are Atex certified. 

Piston pumpshave Zone 1 certification for the motor section and Zone 0 for the pumping section in direct contact with the flammable liquid. 

The membrane pumps are certified for Zone 1 or Zone 2.

The warranty is for 1 year according to the law on all the mechanical parts, except for the parts subject to normal wear. 

We are always available for issuing a warranty on parts that may have problems after this date that are attributable to defective manufacturing based on opportune analysis.

Of course, communicate the height of the drum and we will supply the part of the pump for immersion according to your specific needs.

We deliver immediately! We have a full warehouse with all standard models of pneumatic piston pumps ready to deliver. For custom piston pumps we need 2 or 3 days from the order date.

Delivery times for spare parts are 24 hours for Italy and 48 hours for destinations abroad. 

If the order arrives by noon, the items are shipped the same afternoon with delivery the next day.

There are no products that have viscosity incompatible with our piston pumps. 

Some modifications may be necessary to accommodate the compositions of certain products.
We are available to analyze any issues and recommend the most appropriate pneumatic piston pump and usage conditions.