ZP ARROW produce Pompe italiane: centrifughe, pneumatiche, a membrana, a pistone, industriali, per acidi, per prodotti chimici, per alimenti, per agricoltura
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Industrial sectors where our pneumatic piston pumps can be used

Transfer from drums or tanks, transport, to feed machinery for productive processes or handling of any medium to high viscosity liquid or pasty compound that may also contain dispersed or suspended solid parts.

In synthetic leather industries for feeding machines with PVC plastisol and polyurethane.

In tanning industries for transferring products to feed machines for refinishing leathers.

In industries that produce coated fabrics in PVC, tarps for trucks or rubberized fabrics for pneumatic vessels or membranes.

Textiles finishing or printing.

For feeding refinishing machines with viscous compounds.
In the paints, colors, printing pastes industry or foods industry where creams, chocolate and other spreads are processed.

To feed coating machines. In the self-adhesive industry for pumping adhesive and self-adhesive compounds in coating machines.

For pumping glues for the paper, corrugated cardboard and wallpaper industries.
For feeding adhesives and glues into fabric splicing machines.

For feeding rotogravure and flexographic prints in the wallpaper and vinyl flooring industries.

For transferring or feeding liquid and viscous products for insulating components in the electrical and electronic industries.
For pumping resins in systems that produce composite materials.

For feeding adhesives and glues in the woodworking and plywood industry.
For transferring highly viscous adhesives.