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Textile hot welding can be used to seal all those fabrics that are difficult to sew, those that have a weave that is too “open” and those with threads that slip between one another, for which sewing is not a viable option.

The AWE ARROW hot splicing machine is used to create a flat joint or joint with minimum overlapping, which will not cause folds and defects along many meters in length.

For effective use of the fabric hot splicing machines, the fibers making up the fabric must resist “welding” temperatures, ranging from a minimum 180º to maximum 230º C.

Fabric hot welding with the AWE ARROW machine is used by many customers that produce, impregnate and coat fabrics, or that continuously process fabrics:

  • all kinds of glass and all kinds of textile structures
  • light glass fiber fabrics, for electronic applications
  • mesh fabrics, also open-weave, and glass fiber non-wovens
  • all types of carbon fiber fabrics
  • Kevlar fabrics
  • aramidic fiber fabrics
  • mono-filament polyester fabrics with yarn, also over 1100dtx
  • polyester/cotton fabrics, in particular those used for roman and vertical blinds
  • industrial fabrics for conveyor belts
  • polyester fabrics used for air bags
  • fabrics for sails, for technical and military applications