It is an economic pump, while at the same time being practical and versatile.

Suitable for solvents, paints, polymers in solutions or medium to high viscosity water-based emulsions, up to 20,000/30,000 CPS (viscosity measurement taken with needle no. 5 on the Brookfield viscometer).

It weighs only 7 kg. It can be inserted into closed drums with 2″ gas hole.

The pump flow can be adjusted by regulating the air supply using the needle valve.

The pump can be supplied in standard version, also with a short stem S (short).

(*) The flow capacities above are with water at 20°C, free flow opening and air supply at 6 bar.

The pumping part is primarily in stainless steel. The gaskets are in high-quality virgin PTFE. The upper part of the motor body is in stainless steel, aluminum and brass. It can also be supplied in the low gear version for lower flow capacities.

Do you have a very viscous product that is difficult to pump?

Contact us today and we will carefully evaluate the viscosity of the product to recommend the most suitable pump for your specific needs! With over 40 years of experience, we have never met a client that we could not satisfy!