The M100/P51-E model is equipped with a very sturdy reciprocating pneumatic motor with a highly precise and reliable air reversing distribution system.

The pump flow can be adjusted with considerable precision by regulating the air supply using the needle valve.

This model is suitable for pumping medium to high viscosity fluids when required flows are up to 1200 l/h for primarily output. It can be fitted with filters for chemical products since the pressure can reach up to approximately 30 bar (450 psi).

The P51-E piston pump can be easily divided into two parts for cleaning; using a clean spare piston, the down time is reduced to only a few minutes.

The pump can be supplied in standard version, also with a short stem S (short).

(*) The flow capacities above are with water at 20°C, free flow opening and air supply at 6 bar.

The flow capacity depends on the viscosity of the product and the air supply pressure.

It is constructed mainly in stainless steel with parts in bronze and gaskets in high-quality virgin PTFE.

The upper part of the motor body is special aluminum and stainless steel.

Do you have a very viscous product that is difficult to pump?

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