This is a tool that car manufacturers love particularly, as it helps them configure autonomously the new car to buy.

However, the piston pump and the membrane pump require a high level of expertise. For this reason it is part of our service to take on the responsibility of advising the buyer to help him make the most suitable choice, and you can help us to give you better assistance. How?

The Technical Sales Service of Z.P. ARROW srl can advise you on the most appropriate pump for you if you give us the following information when contacting us:

Flow Rate: Please tell us the flow rate per minute you need, but be realistic, don’t exaggerate by thinking that everything can be contained in the pump. If you then use the pump at half or a third of the flow rate you risk paying for a pump that is too big.
Consequently, you will find it difficult to adjust the minimum flow rate with precision and will also consume more compressed air, thus increasing your costs.

Remember that the maximum flow rates you find in our technical sheets always require water at 20°C and a free outlet. A viscous product may have a lower flow rate, so just give us the viscosity of your fluid and we will advise you on the best solution for you.

Viscosity of the fluid to be pumped: If you need a pump for viscous fluids and you do not know the viscosity of your fluid or you do not have a viscometer to measure it, do not worry, just click here on VISCOSITY and you will find a table with products that you certainly know. You can compare the consistency of your product with that of the table so that you can tell us the corresponding values indicated in this table.


Describe the nature of the product:
The pump must be equipped with components suitable for each type of product and these must be able to resist aggressive chemicals:

Is it a food compound? A cosmetic one? What kind? A chemical product? It is important to know if it is an acid or a basic compound. It is very important to know if flammable solvents are present because in this case the current legislation requires the use of ATEX certified pumps and we have them for any type of solvent.

Technical sheet: If it is a compound that you buy on the market, ask the Supplier for the TECHNICAL SHEET and send us a copy, all products on the market have one. In the technical sheet you can normally find all the above information that we need to recommend the right pneumatic piston pump or membrane pump.

Z.P.ARROW srl shall undertake not to disclose the information being sent from the Customer, therefore please send us this information in order to be able to advise you in the best possible way.

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