uomoalcomputer The customization of the supply

We are available to study, in light of the requirement of the Client, personalization of our basic models of pumps. Example: Flanged pumps, pumps with threaded, pumps with suction tube longer or shorter than the standard.


IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCSboth technical and commercial

E’ supported by a telephone service and on-line with immediate answers, from a shipping service capable of satisfy the demands of spare parts within 48 hours of’ order.



We have a warehouse with parts for prompt delivery for all pumps for older models.


OVERHAUL pumps too dated or out of production

We can do the overhaul of any model of pump that we manufacture in 48 hours of receipt. The cost can be predetermined and usually offer a fixed lump sum plus the cost of spare parts.



LABORATORY TEST inspection and testing

The equipment that we produce are all individually tested.
For the press ARROW AWE we can do tests with a press seam width 60 cm and a pilot to test the resistance of the junction temperature under traction. Use of this thus ensuring the validity of the joints with the tissues of the Client.