ZpArrow born in 1975 with the design and manufacture of pneumatic pumps variable flow for the transfer, transportation and feeding of any compound, liquid, paste, medium and high viscosity. Are built with rugged and reliable machine, easy to clean, easy to operate and capable of ensuring the supply of these machines dedicated to continuous work.



Being aware of Customers’ work needs has contributed to the success of our products. Behind our constant growth there is an ongoing relationship with our italian and foreign Customers. Contacts are managed with enthusiasm and passion by persons who, for training and tradition, increasingly consider the importance of Customers and who constantly seek to improve the company.

As a guarantee of the constant respect for company priorities and attention to customers, we obtained certification of our design, construction and testing procedures to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards and ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, issued by qualified Bodies recognised on an international level.



segreteriaSupport includes a telephone and telematic service ensuring immediate replies, a shipment service able to meet requests for spare parts within 48 hours of the order, as well as a department specially equipped for overhauling any of our pumps promptly and at absolutely competitive costs.


• 100% Italian design and production
• Strictly tested and certified materials
• Maximum attention to customers and their requirements
• Ongoing research for new and also personalized solutions
• Flexibility and maximum availability
• Immediate deliveries
• Prompt assistance




Every equipment we produce is tested individually.
For the AWE ARROW press we can execute splicing tests in our laboratory for widths of 60 cm and we can test the splice strength at high temperatures and under tensile strain. We can guarantee, therefore, the validity of the splices with the Customer’s fabrics before the press purchasing.